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“I can’t complain I have pulled close to £42.000 out of them since we last spoke using mainly your    xxxxx method plus ProT spreadsheet signal generator”  (MK 05/11/10)


Yes with the help of London forex training  you too can generate life changing sums of money by harnessing our 30 years of real money trading experience combined with 10 years of  providing forex training London based courses. We  teach you simple proven forex trading techniques used by most professional traders.

You don’t need to take our word for it just look at the hundreds of thousands of Dollars in real money profits shown on our own personal Brokers trading statements included in the information packs. We made these profits because we know what works – and our  forex training  course will tell you also.

Learn to trade safely  and successfully and eliminate the confusion  by focusing on just a few clear cut simple and straight forward techniques.

Our London based trading courses are modified to suit your specific individual requirements and level of competence. You also have direct access to ongoing personal support and mentoring from a 30 year veteran trader.

If you are new to trading or not currently consistently profitable then our beginners/intermediates forex training London based  course is ideal for you. The trading techniques taught can be applied to forex, futures and commodities markets and are simple to understand and apply.

We have been successfully teaching people to trade for over 10 years and also  supply historically proven trading systems


“I was absolutely thrilled with the content of the  forex training London based course and to be honest it has surpassed my expectations … did not disappoint me on any levels ….as you know I had done another course which was not a patch on yours absolutely unequivocally not a patch” – (CH 12/01/11)


       THIS COURSE INCLUDES 8 HOURS OF CPD (continuing professional development training)  FOR THE



  • Genuine 1-2-1 private personal forex training London based course.  Mntoring from a proven full time professional trader – going at your pace – answering your specific questions as they arise.
  • Our forex training London based course includes fully mechanical trading systems that require no personal discretionary judgements or detailed chart analyses capabilities – entries and exits are calculated using simple mathematical formulas.
  • Course includes two further generic trading methodologies which you can use to successfully trade any instrument over any time frame.
  • Based entirely on simple PROVEN easily understood techniques with no reliance on endless subjective and often complicated indicators. Place trades the very next day with both confidence and understanding.
  • Probably the only forex training course tutor in the UK who is able to prove with actual real money brokers trading statements that these concepts can be used to generate  several thousand Dollars real money profits in a single day.
  • Ongoing personalised individual pre and post course telephone and email support and mentoring  with all questions answered directly by 30 year veteran trader. No secretaries, no ring backs, no “coaching staff” – you are straight through to a real life real money professional trader.
  • Starter pack includes 3 hrs of custom produced DVD video posted out prior to the course to bring beginners up to speed thus ensuring that you hit the ground running and derive maximum value from your personalised 1-2-1 training session.
  • Armfulls of genuine references from satisfied customers.


” HI Nigel just to let you know I am doing great so far – not quiet a millionaire yet ! but I am making small positive trades and building a steady income of around $500 daily with around four or five small trades using the PDM method “(BH 15/10/09)


Yes it really IS possible to earn six figures a year from trading (and indeed very much more) but you need to be shown the techniques that work and be taught them by people that can genuinely  do it for themselves – and prove it.

So if you are serious  about your trading ambitions and want to learn how to trade profitably and with consistency using simple methods that have worked for thousands of people worldwide – we really can help you.


 “I found your tutorial a real eye opener and 100 times as useful as the courses I have been on, including the one week xxx course” (JK 15/03/10)


Please be aware – the courses and products featured here are absolutely NOT the normal hyped up uninformed fantasy junk that you  find throughout the internet – characterised by outrageous claims made with a  complete lack of any supporting evidence.

These are genuine courses and products assembled by a genuine trader that will provide you with real knowledge, information and understanding that would otherwise take you years and years to discover if left to your own devices.

Most successful traders  have spent years of their  lives researching, testing, re-testing  and trading to discover  the few concepts that do genuinely work in the markets  –  you can follow that same tortuous path   –  or – save yourself  years of misdirected study  and often thousands of Dollars in trading losses &  wasted course fees –  by  simply asking us to show you those methods and techniques  used  to produce the REAL MONEY verified trading results shown within the Info packs.




Detailed Info pack includes  REAL MONEY  Brokers trading statements showing literally thousands of Dollars in profits made in just a few hours.

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forex training London
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