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“Thank you Nigel for a very enlightening and thought provoking day. I enjoyed our 1-2-1 and must congratulate you on how well the information was presented. FANTASTIC”(JD 01/02/11)


London Forex Training offers a 1-2-1 advanced private tuition session teaching systematic daytrading and swing trading using algorithmic evidence based automatic trading systems . These computerised mechanical trading systems are capable of trading completely unattended over multiple time frames and multiple markets – see how the really BIG money is made in trading and just how quickly it can be compounded up using automatic trading systems. All London Forex Training systems have simple rules that can be explained in just a few lines  – these are not using complex optimised parameter sets – they are simple robust automatic systems for trading emini instruments



Customised to suit your individual requirements but includes:

  • Fully automatic professional standard algorithmic mechanical daytrading system of your choice.
  • 1-2-1 private training session including 70 page training manual and fully automatic emini daytrading system.

The training session covers

  • The concepts and methods used by most successful systematic daytraders.
  • Automating your strategies so that they can run completely unattended.
  • The best markets to trade with these methods.
  • Typical performance metrics and results that you can expect from such systems.
  • Advanced position sizing strategies to permit accounts to be compounded up at truly alarmingly fast rates.
  • And MUCH more

See information pack for full course details




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“Thank you for the time spent with me – it is extremely rare to find a decent, honest Guy these days” (SV 30/04/10)



Detailed Info pack includes  REAL MONEY  Brokers trading statements  using these actual systems to make thousands of Dollars in profits in just a few hours.