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“The course was very impressive and I would have no hesitation in recommending it”(RO 17/01/10)

YES !!!  – it really is possible to earn six figures a year from trading – YOU CAN ALSO –  once  you have  learned  those same  trading  techniques, concepts,methods and rules that  most of the worlds successful traders use  to take consistent profits from the markets. Forex trading courses London supply historically proven trading systems and 1-2-1 mentoring and training from professional traders.


Customised to suit your individual requirements but includes:

Initial mailed out pre-course study pack.

  • 3 hours of custom produced instructional DVD video.
  • 1-2-1 personal private mentoring and tutoring session with a proven professional trader.
  • 170 page course manual.
  • Four fully mechanical evidence based trading systems covering forex, commodities and stock indexes
  • Five  discretionary methods including the  universal  “TH1” method for trading any market or instrument over any time frame.
  • Full after course telephone and Email support.
  • And MUCH more.

See info pack for full details.


“The course was a revelation, excellent value and very honest “(SV 24/02/10)

PLUS  – current special offer only:

FULLY MECHANICAL (Excel spreadsheet based) TRADING SYSTEM FOR TRADING EUR/US$ – (complete with decades of performance history – automatically generates entry levels, stops and profit targets for you each morning)

“Since the course last week I am on 6 wins and 1 loss for live trades”(LL 02/03/10)

NO Hype – NO Bull – NO empty promises  – NO fantasy


One of  the few forex trading courses London  run by proven real money traders. The emphasis throughout is placed on the practical aspects of making money from trading.

it IS  designed to provide attendees with a real understanding of how to consistently and profitably  trade the Foreign Exchange, Futures and Commodities markets – all of which are traded by the instructor.

It teaches only those techniques and methods that have proven historical records of making profits over long periods of time. The same techniques professional  traders across the world use to consistently extract money from the markets.

At the end of the 1-2-1 private tuition session even  those with no previous trading experience should have all the theoretical knowledge, practical hands on experience and resources to confidently commence placing trades the very next day using any of the systems provided.

A unique feature is that the course contents and structure are modified to take account of each individuals prior knowledge and experience. During the last 10 years we have taught every level from absolute beginners who can hardly use a computer and did not know what forex was  up to professional brokers earning bonuses that frankly have sometimes dwarfed our annual income ! and they have all left satisfied and  much  wiser, better informed and better prepared for trading than when they arrived.

Full detailed information on the course(s) is contained within the relevant info pack.

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